Destination: Milola & Naitolia, Tanzania Close
tanzania intro photo
tanzania intro photo

Creating resilient communities

The majority of Tanzanians live in rural areas, where their communities face a number of obstacles, including a lack of access to education and to clean water. Now, MSU leaders of the Tanzania Partnership Program are working side by side with universities, foundations, and residents of the villages of Milola and Naitolia to create sustainable solutions that will bring academic and economic opportunities to the African country.

The Tanzania Partnership Program, established by MSU’s International Studies and Programs, works to improve the overall wellbeing of communities in Tanzania. Michigan State has deep ties in the country, where dozens of faculty have conducted research and educational programs over the years. MSU program leaders have partnered with the University of Dar es Salaam and the Aga Khan Foundation to build a new preprimary school in Milola—reducing the long and often dangerous walk children make each day—and to provide professional development opportunities for teachers.

The partnership also is making possible new water pumps and rainwater harvesting equipment to ensure safe sources for drinking, cooking, and washing. In addition, program partners are working to bring clean water access points closer to villages like Naitolia, where water is very scarce and residents find it difficult to sustain livestock and crops. By installing new water tanks and taps throughout the village, locals can look forward to more stable water supplies and will be able to manage their own resources after receiving education and training.

Ultimately, the program in Tanzania aims to foster resilient communities that can better adapt to change and improve their circumstances. In Milola and Naitolia, residents of all ages are beginning to reap the bounties of these efforts.