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A 360 perspective

President Lou Anna K. Simon

You’re about to get a firsthand look at the indispensable work Michigan State University scientists, scholars, and students are doing to advance the common good in uncommon ways.

Our SPARTANS WILL. 360 film crew traversed four continents over eight weeks to capture 18 stories of MSU’s activity and impact through video, photos, and blogs that you’ll find in this specially created site. In addition, you can view the posts of MSU alumni and friends who followed the journey in real time through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It was a big trip, but it represents just a fraction of the exceptional work that Spartans do every day and every year—sharing knowledge, finding solutions that increase prosperity, and creating circumstances that enhance and protect quality of life.

Think of it! At this very moment, MSU scientists, scholars, and students are at work not only on the MSU campus but also across Michigan and around the world—in hundreds of communities from East Lansing to East Africa. They go where the tough problems exist—wherever the research can be accomplished most effectively and efficiently to find long-term solutions, to meet real-life needs, and to provide opportunities.

In the process, as a result of crossing disciplines, cultures, and continents, they develop knowledge and discover solutions with applications and benefits that can’t always be predicted but usually redound far beyond the initial research setting.

A nano-filter that’s tested literally in our own backyard to keep Michigan ponds and lakes clean and safe ultimately will lead to healthier water supplies across the United States—and a new way to make fertilizer that protects the environment and scarce resources. Research conducted in Rwanda to create more durable bean crops that will improve nutrition and quality of life in the developing world also helps diversify bean production in Michigan, lowering production costs and supporting the state’s economy.

You get the picture. Prosperity, peace, and security for the world means prosperity, peace, and security for Michigan and the United States. It’s a 360 perspective that’s the ultimate win–win.

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Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD
Michigan State University