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Claire Babala

Claire Babala

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of my time here at MSU is the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH). While RCAH is a new program, its newness does not at all hinder its ability to create an engaging environment where learning is promoted and thinking outside the box is encouraged. With one of its focuses being civic engagement, I not only feel that I’ve developed a strong and lasting relationship with Michigan State, but also with East Lansing and its surrounding communities.

While the primary purpose of college is learning, I think that a person really starts to define themselves during their college years. I’m glad that I have Michigan State as this place. While here at MSU, I have found things I’m passionate about, and maybe more important, things I know I don’t want to pursue.

I have made lifelong friends and professional connections that will help catapult me into the “real world” once I leave the comfortable environment that I’ve developed for myself at Michigan State. I’m very thankful for MSU and all the opportunities I’ve found through the university. From jobs to internships, and from friends to improv, I would not be the same person today without it.

One of my fears, as I’m sure is a fear for almost every college students out there, is that after graduating I either a) won’t be able to get a job, or b) will get stuck in a job that I feel does not help me grow as a professional or person. After the past two years here, this fear has slowly been squelched by the experiences I’ve gained.

Through the hard work of professors, myself— and to be honest, a bit of luck—I’ve gotten the opportunity to intern for the university, to become a lead researcher with a professor on campus, to work with the Ford Community Corp, and, of course, to be a part of the President’s Report. With each new opportunity, I get closer to reaching my goal of professional stability and happiness after I graduate. I know for a fact I would not be able to have this same experience anywhere else.

While participating in the INSIDE OUT President’s Report, I realized how busy I am and how much I love it. Initially, I was unsure why I was even picked. I assumed there were so many other people on campus who would be more interesting to film, but each week I would get in contact with my student producer and realize that I had a whole slew of new activities for them to film and talk to me about. While it was a little weird at first having someone point a camera at me while I was in class, at improv, or at work, I grew accustomed to its presence. I started to really look forward to meeting someone new every week and getting to share with them a part of my story.

Over the past semester, I have changed and grown so much thanks to the opportunities I’ve found here at Michigan State. To have the chance to have at least a small part of my progression documented, well, it was once in a lifetime.