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Isaac Anguiano

Isaac Anguiano

When people say it is hard to get where you want to be in life, whether it is college or owning your own company one day, I say those people are only crushing your dreams. As a young teen, teachers put me down, and sometimes even my own family crushed my dreams and hopes. So I kept my dreams to myself, waiting for opportunities to arise.

Working very hard in my academics, I applied to Michigan State University, where I was admitted first through the Office of Supportive Services, a program that helps students who have great GPAs but low ACT or SAT scores.

Before I started at MSU, I received an e-mail about studying abroad. The study abroad coordinators happily helped me apply for scholarships that I ended up receiving for the Freshman Seminar Abroad in Japan during the summer before my first semester. Navigating a foreign country and finding different places on your own or with people who are going through similar situations helps with the transition from high school to university-level activities and courses.

In addition to study abroad opportunities, MSU provides other programs that are important, especially during your first year, such as the Office of Supportive Services and the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). CAMP helps students during their first year by buying books, loaning them calculators, and basically providing everything a student might need to succeed at a university. The people in CAMP made a difference in my life and are the reason why I am more successful today then what I could have imagined.

To be eligible to participate in the CAMP Program, a person or his or her immediate family member, must have spent a minimum of 75 days during the past two years as a migrant or seasonal farmworker, or the person must have participated, or be eligible to participate under Migrant Education Programs.

The studies I’m pursuing are to better myself and the society that we live in—to one day build a corporation that helps migrant workers start their own businesses that help really poor communities in any part of the world.

I think that having the opportunity to be a part of the INSIDE OUT President’s Report will help those who could be in my shoes next year or those who are going to start college. Even those who are looking into applying will see what MSU is all about and get an idea of what to expect. I hope I can encourage those who aren’t motivated by example of my fall semester and my determination to succeed at a Big Ten university. I can truly say that it has been an epic journey so far.