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Game boy

Peter Burroughs is designing a college experience for himself that’s like no other. An Honors College freshman in media and information studies, his talent for drawing—and his handmade suit of armor—caught the attention of a professor who tapped him to work on a game design research project. Already he’s creating video games, complete with original soundtracks. And, although it requires starting every day at 6 a.m. in the IM Circle pool, Peter won’t even consider giving up any of the activities for which he has passion—art, piano, and swimming. Game on.

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Peter Burroughs

  • Hometown: Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Class year: freshman
  • Major and college: media and information, College of Communication Arts and Sciences and Honors College
  • Activities and interests: professorial assistant, Mowbray Scholar, Spartasoft video game development student organization, MSU Karate Club, recreational swimmer, pianist

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