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Peter Burroughs

Peter Burroughs

Certain things are found on every college campus. But there are some things that can only be found at MSU. The one thing MSU offers that I definitely couldn’t find anywhere else is the chance to be a Spartan!

I grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, and I thought I would be going to a university in my home state, but I decided I’d better visit the other schools on my list just to be sure. All it took was one visit for me to realize that MSU is where I belong. I love the campus, I love the atmosphere, and I especially love the people. There’s this feeling of camaraderie. I can shout out “Go Green!” on the sidewalk and chances are someone will respond “Go White!” We take care of each other, and I know there are people who have my back.

Being a Spartan is more than just a title. Spartans are doers and makers. Every one of us is unique, and together, Spartans can achieve the impossible. We work together to make the world a more sustainable and better place to live. From Bowling Green to Spartan green, I aim to live up to these ideals. As a Spartan, I strive to hone my mind and body to be the best that I can be.

College is a whole new world, and I feel like I’ve been able to do everything I ever wanted to at MSU. First and foremost, I came here to study game design, and I believe that MSU is the best place for me to do that. The resources, knowledge, and diverse people have made it possible for me to be successful, and MSU truly allows me to combine all my interests.

I’m involved in several video game research projects, and I’ve had the opportunity to test state-of-the art technology, including augmented reality. The professors, upperclassmen, and graduate students here are more than happy to share their knowledge because the more that I know how to do, the better the games we can make together. In Spartasoft, the game design club, we talk, play, and make video games on a weekly basis. There are plenty of opportunities to build my portfolio and make industry connections, even as a freshman.

Outside of my actual game design activities, I can take seemingly unrelated courses like geology, linguistics, and psychology, and apply them all to my game design studies. In addition, I am able to pursue all my other hobbies, including piano and swimming.

My work and studies at MSU are an integral part of my life. In order to get a career in the entertainment industry, I will need a well-crafted portfolio and experience working on collaborative projects. My education at MSU will allow me to explore the possibilities of game design and be part of the future wave of visionaries designing new, exciting, and purposeful games. I’ll be able to bring my artwork to life, creating worlds and characters that other people can interact with and enjoy. And, if I’m lucky, I hope to bring smiles to people’s faces along the way.

The Inside Out project was an amazing experience. It was weird having my life recorded at first, but through it I gained self-confidence. I’m so excited just to be here doing all these things, and I jumped at the chance to share my journey with everyone. It did require a lot of time and effort, but it was worth it for sure. I even managed to learn a little about taking and editing video on the way.