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An Inside-out Perspective

What you’re about to see is a look at Michigan State University from a whole different perspective—from the inside out.

During the fall 2013 semester, an MSU film crew, including a team of student producers, documented the lives of nine Spartan undergraduates. In the process, they captured the essence of the Michigan State experience.

It’s not just what we do, but why and how we do it that distinguishes us as Spartans. At MSU, we offer students a depth and breadth of high-caliber opportunities that is unsurpassed. Then we encourage each of them to dive into those opportunities to create a unique path that leads to not just one transformational experience, but to many—yielding a powerful and highly personal undergraduate journey.

It’s a journey that prepares them to compete against the best anywhere in the world. But it also is an education of the whole person, a journey that broadens horizons, develops confidence, and kindles the desire to make a difference.

You’ll get a look at a handful of those journeys in this report, through a documentary that features all nine students, as well as individual videos capturing the distinctive experience of each undergraduate, plus photos and insights from the students.

You’ll also hear from three members of the talented team of student producers that captured much of the video footage during a Reality Television Production course in our College of Communication Arts and Sciences created especially for this project.

I hope you enjoy your journey through Inside Out. These students represent the values and uncommon will that distinguish us as Spartans and make the world—and the future—a better place for all. Spartans Will.

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Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD

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